Sustainability | Zinc in Avondale, Arizona



Zinc believes in improving our environment, whether with partnerships or implementing environmentally friendly measures to our property. Based on a 2015 U.S. Energy Information Administration study, between 32% and 44% of total energy use in apartments went solely to temperature control. Water heating was the next largest category, at 27% to 32% of total energy use. Reducing heating needs alone has a big impact on apartment energy use. At its core, we strive to help reduce our resident’s household and lifestyle impact on the environment. We do this by including sustainable features in your apartment through technological devices, appliances, lighting systems, and fixtures.

Sustainability Features:

• NEST Thermostats

• Reducing carbon footprints

• Using LED lighting

• Energy star appliances

• Motion sensors

• Recycling bins on site

• Water Conservation: Low flow fixtures, showerheads, washers

• No flower policy to reduce water usage.

• Turf replacement

• Esusu - On Time Rent Payment Reporting

The goal of sustainable construction is to minimize our building’s impact on the environment. With this investment, Zinc can pass along reduced utility costs through energy efficiency.


Meet Zinc Apartments Queen Bee: Bee-yonce. Our new bee residents will pollinate the surrounding community and we'll harvest the extra honey they produce, which we'll be able to share with our community!

TruAmerica in partnership with Alveole is proud to partner together with the Bee Service. Bee Service is an Urban Beekeeping & Hotel for Bees. This is a sustainable solution that inspires Zinc Apartments to do more for the environment. Our aim is to make people fall in love with all bees and most importantly take action to protect them. Zinc's goals are:

  • Bond over the unique bee experience and raise environmental awareness by engaging resident building activities.
  • Support pollinator populations and our sustainability within the environment.
  • Reconnect our community with nature and sustainability.

Get Involved!

  • Follow our unique MyHive page! You can enter your email on the page to "follow the buzz" and get notifications when the beekeeper posts an update.
  • This page also has upcoming events in the sidebar, you can plan on meeting the beekeeper at the next inspection to ask questions or even meet the bees!
  • We will have two educational workshops each year, hosted by our beekeeper, that will allow participants to learn more about the bees. These events allow us to get hands-on with the honey extraction process, or making beeswax candles, or even handling the bees themselves. Keep an eye out for these event announcements!

About Alvéole’s

Alvéole’s nature-driven experience is the ideal fit for organizations looking to implement ESG and tenant or community engagement initiatives. We offer a unique bee experience by installing honey bee hives, bee hotels, and bee-friendly gardens on properties and fostering a stronger connection between people and nature through educational programming. Our turnkey urban beekeeping program provides a meaningful opportunity for deeper conversations about the environment.